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Jan 17, 2013 9:20am EST
's at the top of the hour, you do not want to miss it. now to taxes and what we're calling many state by state tax revolt. five states are looking to eliminate state income taxes for people and corporations, they are louisiana, kansas, north carolina, oklahoma, and nebraska. if you wouldn't know it, the governor of nebraska, david henman is here and he's going to explain. thanks for joining us this morning. all of a sudden, did these states have the same epiphany or the same realization that there's only way to get the local economies going and that would be to change their taxes? >> well, i would tell you, charles, we have all looked at the economy that we're competing in, which is worldwide, and we know we need to be more tax competitive. i want to create more jobs in this state, our state, for citizens and higher paying jobs and the way to do that is to have lower income tax rates and corporate rates and in our particular case, i'm proposing the complete elimination of the income tax and the corporate tax rate. we do that by repealing some of the sales tax exemptions that we've granted over
Jan 15, 2013 3:00pm PST
of state services like health and welfare, a limit on property taxes, plus republican legislators' refusal to raise taxes created a dilemma in the world's ninth largest economy. with budget cuts coming like clock work, the state's college and university systems declined in offerings and in reputation. schools suffered cutbacks in personnel and programs. services for the poor were trimmed by $15 billion since 2008. state workers were furloughed. then in 2010, promising to use his long honed political skills to fix the state, jerry browne, a democrat, was elected governor. 30 years after he held the job in the '70s. he faced a $26 billion deficit and started making more cuts and changes like transferring inmates from the state's overcrowded prisons to county jails and closing down local redevelopment agencies using the money for the state budget. meanwhile, the economy started to improve in fits and starts bringing in more tax revenue. but it all wasn't enough. brown proposed to california voters a measure to raise income taxes on the wealthy and sales taxes for everybody. to the feun of $5.
Jan 14, 2013 12:00pm EST
, he said he would not extend any of the bush tax cuts for the wealthy and you did. you say you're not going to negotiate this year, why should house republicans take that seriously and think if we did into the 1 minute until midnight scenario that you will not back down? >> first of all, julianna, let's take the example of this year's fiscal cliff. i did not say we would not have any conversations out all about extending the bush tax cuts. i said we would not extend them for the wealthy. we did not. now, you can argue that during the campaign i said i set the criteria for "wealthy" at $250 on dollars and we ended up being a $400,000, but millionaires are paying more taxes, just as i said. from the start, my concern was making sure we had a tax code that was fair and protected the middle class. when biggest priority is making sure that middle-class taxes did not go up. the difference between this year and 2011 is the fact that we have already made $2 trillion in cuts. at the time, i indicated that there were cuts that we could sensibly make that would not damage our economy, wou
Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm EST
, a way they can pay taxes and drive cars and live as human beings. if you want to talk from there to a path to citizenship, i think we can build a consensus around that by the steps would be required. it would be terrible to say we are going to have made them legal and they would never have an opportunity for citizenship. i think that would say something we would not like. the ambassador and i could probably debate the strategy on how to get from here to there but there is no question what is needed immediately is legalization and a path to get to where we would like to be. >> then you talk about the difference between now and 2007? are you more hopeful this time? >> i believe, there have been more people coming out in favor. there are people who have moderated their stance on this from six years ago and i think part of that is an understanding that no action is very bad for the country. i would also like to say, because i believe you have an asian background, the question about the future flow is excellent. this is not just about hispanic immigration, or undocumented immigr
Jan 13, 2013 8:00pm EST
a lot of taxes and do not end up consuming many of them. many immigrants come in and only want to work here for 10 years and then move back to their home countries. people might say, is it not humane to pay them the authority to not pay and benefits? more into maine to not help them. >> how many americans are libertarians? >> self describe libertarians, depending on which poll you look at, you might get 10% or 15%. if you give people a battery of questions, do you believe in x and y, depending on which poll you look at, you get up 30% of americans. if you ask the following question -- are you economically conservative but socially liberal, you get over half calling themselves saying that is what they are. that said, just because people say these things, it does not necessarily mean they believe them. if you ask most americans if they want smaller government, they say yes. if you want the government to spend less money, they say yes. they do not want to cut anything on the budget. it is not clear they really believe in it. i would have to say roughly as low as 10% and as high as 30%. if
Jan 14, 2013 11:00pm PST
no more tax increases, none. well that's starting from a position of not negotiating. because you can't have entitlement changes without more tax changes. >> rose: yeah. let me turn to gun control watch. dow expect vice president bidetone suggest to the president tomorrow, majer? >> well, several things, charlie. i think he's going to say what the president has already said. he wants to reinstate the assault weapons ban, first put into law in 1994, set on a ten year sunset, was not renewed when it expired. a if you ban on the large capacity ammunition clips, those magazines that hold more than ten bullets, sometimes up to a hundred. and some type of beefing up of the mental health and criminal background check system, currently it applies only to federally licensed firearms dealers. some gun shows don't have all those dealers there and private sales aren't covered. that is a very difficult thing to do from a gun registry and absolute data sealed off sort of way to approach that. the nra has some very strong objections and members of congress might be skeptical rather to a complete req
Jan 14, 2013 4:00pm PST
it in tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires, they spent it in the iraq war afghanistan, the great majority of this money was spent by george w. bush. now i'm going to make them pay the bill. i would turn it around on them. that's good. very strong language. we hope he sticks to it, we'll look at that in a minute. >> obama: congress has not been able to identity identify $1.2 trillion that they're happy with. they don't want to cut defense. >> cenk: that's true. hey, man i'm perfectly happy to do that. let's go to michael shure. the language is good. the frame something good. it seems strong. excuse me if i'm a little skeptical that he won't negotiate over the debt cerealing. >> you're excused for being skeptical, you're fine. you have every reason to feel that way although i think the way he handled the fiscal cliff was a departure--i think he bent over a little bit less than he has in the past in terms of going back on what he said he was going to do. he got americans to--wealthy americans to pay more in taxes. not the specific $250,000, quarter of a million. >> when we came to t
Jan 16, 2013 5:00pm EST
. but there are enormous complexities in the tax accounting and operational challenge. can you say what your thinking is in that area? >> now that i have a voice again with some water, jet lag and a cold, you can't hold me back. money market funds will be one of the primary issues that the commission tackles in the coming months. you know, the process is under way, but quite frankly, we at the commission can and have been proceeding without too much reference to what's going on, and i think there is a new spirit at the commission working with the staff, industry and amongst the commissioners and the consensus that we need to take some action. obviously, there has been a lot of press about potentials involving the float. i have expressed that would be a great avenue to explore, recognizing, as you point out, there are pretty serious tax and accounting issues that have to be addressed and haven't been addressed even though this has been going around the industry for four, five years. on the accounting front, i'm hopeful that as the commission has authority over it, we can figure something out there, if
Jan 15, 2013 10:00pm PST
be in the form of tax cuts. a lot of democrats are going to hate that, but republicans like tax cuts, and we can just get everybody on board from the beginning." >> narrator: he was told right from the start the stakes couldn't be higher. >> this is the first of a series of tests. and if he failed this one, what would it say for his administration and his ability to deal with all the other challenges we're going to face? >> president obama promised the american people he would bring bipartisan solutions... >> narrator: he decided to make a symbolic gesture: he'd come to them. >> mr. obama is hoping for support from both sides of the aisle... >> narrator: take his proposal to the republicans on their own turf. >> he'll try and sell his plan to the republicans... >> narrator: he headed right for the meeting of the republican caucus. >> it's a rare day when the president goes to the capitol to meet only with members of the other party... >> hello, everybody. how are you? >> he spoke extemporaneously about the stimulus. he walked us through it probably 15 or 20 minutes, just his thought process and
Jan 16, 2013 12:00pm EST
. but there are enormous complexities that we have been lamenting in this, such as the tax and accounting and operational challenge. can you say more about what your thinking is in that area? >> now that i have a voice again with some water nothing that the jet lag and set me back. yes, i think that money market funds would be one of the primary issues that the commission temple. the process is obviously underway. i think that we have been preceding without too much reverence to what is going on. and i think that there is sort of a new spirit at the commission working with the staff and industry and amongst the commissioners. the consensus that we need to take some action. honestly there has been a lot of press lately about this. i have expressed my view it would be a great avenue to explore. recognizing, as you pointed out, there are taxing and accounting issues that need to be addressed but have not been addressed, despite the fact that this proposal has been about the industry for the last for five years. only counting front, i am hopeful that the commission has plenty of authority and we can actually
Jan 13, 2013 10:00am PST
attention in russia to putin's 13% flat tax. i mean, that is a very low tax in a country where inequality of income is just gigantic. right up there with america's inequality of income. there is a lot of resentment among ordinary russians are people who are making millions and millions of dollars a year in russia are paying only 13%. there's another side potential consequence. putin, russia is turning east. it's turning away from europe and that's the subject of a much longer discussion. but, putin, russia's two main allies in europe have been germany and france. the german relationship has soured. the french relationship has not soured. but if this goes down, this act or stunt of taking russia, by the way, he's not going to live in russia. he just took the passport. but if this goes down badly in france, for any reason, it will further fray russia's ties with the west and russia's turn to the east. that's not good for any of us, i think. >> stephen cohen william browder, thank you for joining us. fascinating conversation. up next, what in the world, why the country with the world's great
Jan 12, 2013 7:00pm EST
. it was a successful operation in military deserves credit but it says there were about 17 major tax from taliban groups, 105 different firefights. this is a contentious issue arguing some of the taliban are attacking pakistan from the other side. maybe this civilization or consolidation of peace has happened to thousand militants have one important factor. the modern history of masai salute -- unless i salute, one man knew fully well that the taliban was after him. those who have taken up a stand and as important as it is it is as important to salute it and appreciate those people who are standing up to him and some of the leading police officers they were killed in one province so they have not been able to defend and if these courageous people stand up to the taliban then it creates a scary scene. i think i have finished with my a eight minutes but leave you with the idea is successful case but the process we don't know how far it can go. ordinary people of this province they had created the space. they have been with of problematic forces the without investment of education they cannot comman
Jan 13, 2013 7:00am EST
, hidden taxes will take a painful bite. inside is the story from that conley who friends the argument more so in the washington d.c. area. local residents will be paying uncle sam more in 2013, between the two percent increase in payroll tax and to lesser known provisions buried in the fiscal cliff deal. there is also the issue of the health care tax, which also may hit some individuals. more details from the washington sunday examiner. the question we are focusing on is whether the president will bypass congress to raise the debt ceiling. we are getting your calls in common. buddy on the republican line. caller: good morning. it would not surprise me that he does raise the debt ceiling. the president alone spent over $1 billion last year just to himself. when does it stop? obviously he has never had a checkbook. i get a bill, i pay it. why do they just keep putting money out, putting money out, not take care of what they're doing doing, not realizing what they're doing? host: they give for the call. this from twitter -- the focus on the 14th amendment, section four, basically says that th
Jan 15, 2013 2:30pm PST
the greatest news for those without a job, but there was good news for the german tax man. >> absolutely. the government has been able to reach its budget plans earlier than expected. the new debt load has been lower than expected, and this has been very good news, although the government also lowered its forecast for the economy, but here at the financial markets, people are more or less happy about the fact that the german economy will be able to avoid a recession. >> let's move on to corporate news then. record sales at s.a.p. we heard today. >> very good numbers. surprisingly good numbers coming from the sales side, but the profits went down because s.a.p. had to do some big investments, buying new technology, and investors have been very disappointed. shares are down by more than 12% on the frankfurt floor, but also the market is down in general. the dax loses 1% at the moment. the euro stoxx 50 is down by 0.75%, waiting for wall street, opening up significantly lower, and the dollar -- the euro is also significantly down. and at air berlin is to cut 900 jobs in the next two years.
Jan 15, 2013 5:30am PST
that people who don't have high moral standards, people who don't pay income tax don't presedeserve to represente people. >> thank you for that. military leaders from west african nations are discussing plans to send thousands of soldiers to mali had a schedule. french forces have been bombing rebel territory in northern mali for the past five days. france sent 750 soldiers to the capital and more are on the way. western countries have been pressing west african leaders to send in troops, which were not expected to arrive until september. rebel groups captured large parts of the country last year and are now seizing towns in the government-controlled south. spiders have occupied a town 400 and miles north of the capital. rebels also have bases in the cities farther north. the french intervention began last week after the rebels threatened to push towards the capital. muhammed, how worried are people at the rebels continue taking more territory? >> it is causing a lot of undies across mali. the people in the south are generally fearful the rebels might not be held just by aerial bomb
Jan 13, 2013 11:00pm PST
russian citizenship and protest on a proposed tax hike of millionaires. a proposed visit for the russian foreign minister -- around 100 people from the opposition freedom party tried to demonstrate outside the venue of the meeting between them and ukraine's foreign minister. they are angry over what they see is russia's growing influence in their country. hundreds have gathered with in belfast to call for peace. weeks of sectarian violence have rekindled memories of 30 years of unrest that ended in a peace deal in 1998. recent disturbances were sparked by flying the union flag a limited number of days only. women's groups in indonesia are urging the government to improve health care facilities in poor areas. after the death of a 10-year-old girl when doctors failed to detect that she was a victim of sexual violence. >> they say they had no idea there daughter was a victim of sexual violence. they work as scavengers and are having a hard time to make ends meet. the girl fell ill late november. a nurse gave her a medication, but she did not recover. >> at the clinic, they said she had a lu
Jan 12, 2013 7:30pm EST
's. it is important to us but not the i s i hope they will define their relationship. to they engage supports of a tax of western targets? it is important it defines the relationship with the outside and the attack on civilians. he was never implicated in the global attack that distinguishes him crumb past militants that were. those that took place from barcelona spain and when you did have a local pakistan a militant looking to attack with the teetwo style format. but to my knowledge there were not implicated but it is total speculation. but someone who had told relationship with the high connie network as they discussed relations in 2008 is if the militants engaged the terrorist styled attacks in the heart of kabul. that is the questions the way people thought about these organizations. says the group take operational direction? especially as researchers said don't have the network and access that anand gopal has but be careful with what they say with the taliban and also teetwo. with the insurgent network to create power out of little on the ground force you have to create a myth of yourself with p
Jan 13, 2013 4:30pm EST
, the focus of launching regional tax, and ultimately, this is a merger between two organizations in decline. in yemen, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula continues to feel the effects of the death last year of its leader of external operations who was response will for planning and directing terrorist attacks against the united states. nevertheless, they continue to be al qaeda's most active affiliate's and continue to seek the opportunity to strike our homeland. we therefore continue to support the government of yemen its efforts against al qaeda which is being forced to fight against the territory it needs to plan a tax beyond yemen. in north and west africa, another al qaeda affiliate continue its efforts to destabilize governments and engaging kidnapping of western citizens for rents and activities designed to fund its terrorist agenda. in nigeria, we are monitoring closely the emergence of a group that appears to be aligning itself with al qaeda's violent agenda as increasingly looking to attack western interests in nigeria in addition to nigerian government targets. more broadly, al qa
Jan 13, 2013 8:30am PST
sure that you get at the end of the line, that you pay your taxes that you not that you have a background check but in the end we've got to make sure that these people have a pathway to full citizenship. that's very important. you can't do this in a piecemeal way. and importantly i think it's got to be bipartisan. it won't be pass muster if it's not. i'm heartened to see senator mccain and others i think about eight in the senate that have been working together and talking about comprehensive immigration reform not just a piecemeal approach. >> schieffer: who are the first people that ought to get citizenship? kids? >> well i think we need to make sure that 11 million people after the background check after they get at the end of the line. obviously the people who become citizens first are the people who have been in line. after they get out of the line, after they have done everything to make sure that there is, you know, they had a fullback ground check, paid the back taxes. we got to do this in a way that kids, all ofgives all of these people an opportunity to be a citize
FOX Business
Jan 12, 2013 8:00pm EST
ago. also insider tax last year there were 45 attacks resulting in 62 deaths among the coalition forces compared to 65 the previous year. but the president did not answer how many will remain in afghanistan after next year. that announcement could take weeks. although the preferee is your than 10,000 troops. we will take this up with john bolton but our guest will help us break down the nomination of heading the treasury to part of. also dr. keith tableau will tell us if violent video games are decent the tying -- desensitizing us to real violence. also the search for political and legal solutions for gun violence violence, the vice president says he will hand over recommendations to the president next week despite claiming there is no silver bullet solution but the second amendment has a ripple effect but carl cameron has more. >> guns and ammunition flying out the doors nationwide as the obama administration consummate wraps up. >> people are just scared. that they could not buy them. they thought about getting them now they decided is the time. >> background checks were 2.7 bi
Jan 17, 2013 9:00pm PST
, scott gave a 1.6 million tax subsidy to colt manufacturing in 2011. is there any logic behind this? >> well, the logic i think is that of they believe the only problem this country has is the millionaires and billionaires don't have enough money. and if we keep stuffing money into their pockets somehow everything will come up roses. that's been their plan from the start. they're pretty explicit about it. no form of corporate welfare that governor scott has been against but if you talk about actually seeing to it that happenky dapped children -- handicapped children can be hope with their families, suddenly there's no money for that. >> john: last week in response to crittism is from you and children, florida launched a so-called enhanced care program which would enlist 28 nurse care coordinators to would, with the families and the nursing homes treating the disabled children. is this close to adequate? 28 people for the whole state of florida? >> no, of course not. we have 20 million people in the state of florida. we have tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of children who ar
FOX Business
Jan 18, 2013 7:00pm EST
and belgian. so knock off the comparisons. i hate the tax. a crime culture. as for the mass killings in public places, that is a mental on this problem. lou: it is young, mentally ill, white men. >> not always. lou: i did not say always. 98 percent of the time. >> not really. lou: escobar really. >> up till you what happens. it is not. lou: who was at all right? was cut down the list. >> let me explain why your list will be off. the ones that attract the attention tend to be the white males. six months ago, nev. shot of the wendy's or and i hop, shot up a bunch of naval officers or army. why does that make no news? lou: 60%. >> basically it looks like america. it looks like america with our immigration problem. the lawyer alan drill road. immigrant. the one on talking about after arizona and nevada. when not immediately going to go on welfare. lou: the last four mass shootings and the country, and i will even exceed -- >> i think it's the last two. this panic is more recent than arizona's . lou: four of the last five were young men who were mentally disturbed. by the way, whose parents, family
Jan 15, 2013 7:00am PST
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Jan 13, 2013 9:00am PST
of balances out like this. that is, they did it through some real spending cuts but also some tax increases. and that's the kind of balance that certainly the president has been seeking and that folks here in washington have of course been squabbling about. the tax increases were largely on folks at the very high end of the scale, but they also gave a bit of a bump up to their sales taxes, and the spending cuts were not trivial and they hit lots of programs that people care about, in health care, in welfare. and i think there's a debate to see how much those cuts stick as we go forward. but i like the look of the deal in terms of its balance. >> well, the way this all happened was through this prop 30 that passed. so is this the kind of thing that federal leaders, should they have agreed on reforms and cuts like this? >> i think they should. and i think what this deal really kind ever thematically gets to, i think it gets to the heart of the questions you're asking here, alex, is here you have a governor that goes to the people of the state of california and says, i know you care a lot abou
Jan 20, 2013 6:00am PST
families and for hard-working taxpayers. people feel they want to get value for their tax dollars and they are not getting it now, candy. >> might be a distinction without much difference though people saying i want him to fail and you are saying it is policies, i don't like his policies and if they go in place you certainly you don't want those poll cities to feel. >> this is a time of divided government. we have re-elected majority leadership in the house and we have a re-elected president but it's time to divide a government you can actually do big things for the country. >> so, what big things? what big thing is that -- >> specifically, have to deal with the debt, at $16 interest. you want to continue with the social safety negotiate the good, the bad and the ugly parts of that you have to have a vibrant economy. you have to have growth of the economy, but i need to see policies will actually do that. we don't see them now. >> i spoke with david plouffe in the segment before this. he said that he is confident there are enough vote he is in the huntsd requisite 60 votes in the
Jan 13, 2013 3:00pm EST
'm not saying that there should be construction or a war tax or anything, but it's not sustainable the way it is right now. one general in the book, who preferred to go on background, didn't use his name, said he hoped that my book would at least help some people understand why we shouldn't go to war so quickly. what it is that is being sacrificed. because he compared this -- this general, you'd know if i told you -- he felt like he were like the romans, hiring legionaires to fight our wars. completely separated. reporting on the wars, not having served, is not a problem because most of what i report on is not groups that i belong to. writing this book has helped me have a greater understanding and not just the differences between a first sergeant and a staff sergeant, or sergeant first class, but also just what it's like to be a soldier. i will never truly understand that but i have a much greater understanding of it. i do think that when our nation goes to war, i think the policymakers do so glibbly but all the debate is glib. flippant, and there's no resemblance to the reality of these
Jan 15, 2013 3:00am PST
the program happens to be. a new war. a new tax cut for the rich. they demand the spending. and then they have to -- it comes time to pay the bills. raising the debt ceiling means we agree we're going to pay the bills that congress has already spent. right? we're going to pay for the stuff that congress has already bought. as a president i thought it was an excellent analogy yesterday. you don't go to a restaurant and order a fine meal and then say i'm going to start cutting back right now. i'm not going to pay for that meal. you already ate it, babe! right? >> that's right. how fiscally conservative for them to say we're not going to pay that. let's just clear up this false equivalency that i think it was the first or second question who made the point at the press conference yesterday well, you voted against the debt ceiling in 2006 so what's the deal? look this is -- 2010 -- 2011, after the 2010 election, the whole tea party wave was the first time that you saw republicans hold it hostage. and say unless you do what we want we're not raising the debt ceiling. democrats have never done that.
Jan 13, 2013 10:30am EST
. the weapons you're talking about that require the tax stamp and special permit, those are fully automatic weapons. there are very few of those. in order to get them, you have to go through a number of troops to get it. the difference is, one semi- automatic. the other is fully automatic. >> the semiautomatics is not an assault rifle. >> the assault weapons that are banned in california, there is a definition of those. it is a rival that can take out detachable magazine and has one of the following characteristics. it is defined in law. it is i semi-automatic. the other weapons you're talking about are fully automatic and does fall under the firearms act. >> could we please have john ?avijoan davis >> : like to think mike thompson for having this hearing. i am the president of eagle forum. eagle forum has always stood for protection of property rights as well as protection of personhood. i would like to remind you how important it is to learn from history. my husband was born in germany during the second world war. his father was from switzerland. i would like to let you know the differenc
Jan 14, 2013 12:30am EST
income tax and that we have protected the poorest families. i am proud of all those things. unlike the honorable gentleman, i do not look down at, or talk down to, people who work hard in our communities to help people. >> order. >> you have been watching prime minister's questions from the british house of commons. question time airs live every wednesday at 7:00 a.m. eastern when the house of commons is in session and again on sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific on c-span. you can watch anytime at c- >> next, a discussion on the future of the blunt, obey detention facility. after that, mike thompson holds a public meeting on ways to reduce gun violence. the consumer financial pup -- protection bureau public hearing on new rules for qualifying home mortgages. >> the fundamental idea here is if you spent time in silicon valley, detroit, where the automobile industry is being rebuilt, did you spend time outside the beltway, you feel that america has the potential to generate abundance for its own citizens and the world. if you spend time only inside the beltway,
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